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Gain Powerful Insights from
Customer Feedbacks and Conversations

Platform Overview

Civet AI offers an on-demand and self-serve customer interaction analytics platform tailored for support teams of growing businesses. It enables support leaders to navigate throw all customer interactions and pinpoint useful information accurately and intuitively.

Out-of-the-box Integration

Integrates out-of-the-box with major CRM and call center softwares such as Zendesk, Talkdesk and Salesforce.

High Quality Call Transcription and Redaction

Transcribe phone call recordings into text conversations. Automatic redaction of sensitive information and PII.

Effective Insight Discovery

Navigate through all interactions and easily pinpoint useful information with the help of powerful AI technology.

Automated Analysis with Customized Logic

Implement conversation analysis logic customized to your business needs without coding on our flexible configuration based platform.

Flexible Dashboard

Visualize insights with key-driver analysis and other statistical approaches on the flexible dashboard.


Export insights and results to your CRM systems.

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