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Get Powerful Visibility into Your Customer Interactions

Serve happier customers with engaging agents and optimized processes.

Three steps to support operation excellence

Improve agent engagement

The visibility into day-to-day operations enables customer support leaders to offer personalized coaching and lead by culture, which results in better agent engagement, higher retention and well staffed teams.

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Elevate customer experience

In addition to the better customer experience from improved agent engagement, visibility into customer interactions further equips agents with key information about customer journey and feedback insights, which empowers agents to offer more effective and personalized support.

Optimize product and process

Establish trust and smooth out communication with product and leadership with concrete and easy-to-consume evidences from customer interactions. Maintain high quality self-service and chatbots with details from customer conversations.

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Use Cases

Customer Feedback Understanding

Automatically analyze unstructured customer feedbacks, understand what are the most important aspects to customer satisfaction.

QA and Agent Coaching

Put your quality assurance process on autopilot with evaluation logics customized to your business needs, Offer targeted feedback and training materials to agents.

Agent Assist

Assist agents in daily operation with key information such as customer journey.

Effective Self-Service

With valuable insights from customer conversations, setup and maintain high quality self-services and chatbots with third-party tools of your choice.

Leverage the Power of AI

Better ROI

Easy-to-use solution that offers more accurate results, thanks to the power of latest AI technologies.

Shorter time-to-value

No library or customization needed. Civet AI creates value for you in day one, not months.


Innovative platform, adjustable to your specific business logics without coding.


All Civet AI team members are security experts who delivered FedRamp certified services before. Civet AI is designed with security best practice in mind and in process for SOC2 certification.