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Get Powerful Insights
from Customer Interactions

Better trained agents, happier customers and optimized processes.

Boost contact center success

with valuable insights at your fingertips

Contact Center Leaders

Superior visibility into your customer interactions. More effective agent training and process improvement.

Business Executives

Root cause trends in business KPIs and make smarter investment decisions.

Analytics Consultants

Dramatically reduce cost and time-to-value of your solution by integrating with Civet AI's superior technology.

3 Facets of Contact Center Success

that customer interaction analytics help you uncover

Agent Success

Automated agent evaluation. Personalized agent training with insights from customer interactions.

Customer Success

Reduce customer effort, map customer journey and boost customer satisfaction.

Process Success

Optimize operation process efficacy by establishing a tangible link with business KPIs.

So what does it look like?

Civet AI offers accurate, on-demand and self-serve service that help you get powerful visibility into your customer interactions in hours.

Connect and Transcribe

Connects out-of-the-box with major CRM and call center softwares. Transcribe phone call recordings into text conversations.

Discover and Analyze

Extract accurate insights in hours without the need of domain expert or category libraries. Setup business specific logics without the need of IT resources.

Integrate and Visualize

Integrate output back to your existing system seamlessly through API endpoints. Visualize valuable insights through customizable dashboards.

And that means ...

Better Performance

Better accuracy, keep up-to-date with the changes in your data, all with the help of latest AI technologies.

Shorter time-to-value

No library or customization needed. Civet AI creates value for you in hours, not months.


Innovative platform, adjustable to client specific business logics without coding.


All Civet AI team members are security experts who delivered FedRamp certified services before. Civet AI is designed with security best practice in mind and in process for SOC2 certification.