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Effective Quality Assurance

Formalize and standardize your quality assurance process. Pass feedback and visualize agent performance all in one place. Scale up QA coverage with latest AI technology.

Overcome your QA challenges

Almost all support teams have a quality management program in place, however more than 2/3 of them cover less than 2% of the overall interactions. The extremely low coverage reflected their struggles on finding the resource, measuring the right things and trusting the effectiveness of the process.

Good news, Civet AI is here to help.

Reduce Administrative Efforts

Civet AI offers intuitive softwares that helps support leaders dispatch, monitor and report on support cases in the quality assurance process. Say goodbye to the inefficient process with Excel sheets.

Trustable Results

Transcribe support calls and visualize the details of your customer interactions. Standardize grading process by linking scorecards with interaction details. Calibrate across QA analysts for better consistency.

QA Automation

Scale up your QA efforts by automating the process with the latest AI technology. Extracting the actionable insights for agent training by covering 100% rather than 2% of your customer interactions, with the QA resource you currently have.

Dashboard and Reporting

Track agent/team performance in dashboards, automatically cover them to weekly/monthly reports.

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