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Actionable CX Insights

Effectively root cause the trends on customer satisfaction by extracting actionable insights with the help of latest AI technologies.

Extract Actionable Insights from Customer Interactions

It’s usually 7 times more expensive to attract a new customer than retain an existing customer. With that, businesses nowadays emphasis more and more on the importance of customer satisfaction and retention. As support teams, we are in possession of the most relevant and valuable data on guiding businesses to a better customer experience - the first hand customer interaction data from support activities.

Civet AI helps you leverage your customer data for a significantly better customer experience.

Discover Actionable Insights

Analyze customer interactions in a flexible and effective way. Extract insights that are customizable to your use cases.

Unveil the key drivers

Unveil the key drivers of trends in customer experience by connecting the interaction insights and CX signals with a scientific approach. You will know where to focus your efforts to maximize the improvements on customer satisfaction.

Connect with Business Results

Same approach could be applied to other key business metrics. Establish a tangible link between support efforts and business results, and make your support team a revenue generating organization.

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