Hear the voice-of-your-customers

beyond surveys

The natural language based VOC program that is more effective, visible and consistent.

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Got public customer reviews online?

No more guesswork on your customer experience

Collect experience signals effectively from existing interactions and channels

Powered by latest AI technologies, our VOC program is capable of extracting experience signals from existing customer interactions such as support calls, and collecting feedback from channels such as online chat in additional to traditional surveys.

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Extract trustworthy and actionable insights with contexts backing every trend

With natural interactions as the main source of customer experience signals, our clients can easily drill down to relevant contexts and fully understand the reasons behind every trend on their customer experience.

Offer an unified voice to your customers by breaking down data silo

With the capability of understanding natural language, our clients can merge customer signals from different sources(online reviews, support interactions, etc) and organizations, and offer an unified voice to their customers.

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Interested in more details about our technology?

Check this blog post and see what do we learn from the open-ended customer feedback of a product on Amazon.

Why Civet AI?

Industry leading technology

Built by domain experts in customer interaction analytics, Civet AI leverages latest AI technologies and advanced statistical algorithms to deliver you actionable and accurate insights.

Easy to setup

No need to worry about the complexity and trade offs in survey design. Civet AI extract customer experience signals from natural language interactions and feedbacks.

Fast time-to-value

No data labeling is needed to setup on Civet AI. Compatible with major CRM/support platforms. Integrates out-of-the-box and delivery value even with your existing customer interaction data.


Civet AI is designed with security best practice in mind and in process for SOC2 certification. Supports flexible deployment options for enterprise clients.

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